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About Us

Jason Eden is a husband, father, and teacher. He has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Southwest Baptist University and is a graduate of the Executive M.B.A. program from the Olin Business School, Washington University in Saint Louis. Professionally, he has been in corporate education for more than a decade, teaching high-tech and sales training courseware via in-classroom, live-online, self-paced, and other computer-based training mediums. He frequently speaks at autism-related organization and events and serves on the Human Rights Committee for Behavioral Intervention Services in Saint Louis.

Melynda Eden is wife, mother, and web architect. She has a bachelor's degree in Chemistry/Biology from Southwest Baptist University and is currently enrolled in Washington University's Master's Degree in Computer Science program. Professionally, she has been involved in web-based digital communication for more than a decade, designing, building, and hosting web sites and eLearning programs, as well as performing search engine marketing and related services. She also speaks at autism-related events.

Jason and Melynda have two children - Emily and Timothy. When Timothy was two years old, he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Timothy's story of recovery, given the severity of his symptoms when he started the journey, is nothing short of miraculous, but Jason and Melynda believe that nearly every parent can have the same kind of experience if they arm themselves with the right information and approach the remediation journey with ferocity and strategic thinking. The mission of Midst of a Miracle is to provide the framework that allowed Timothy's amazing story to unfold to parents all around the world who are faced with the challenges of having a child on the autism spectrum.