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Your Life Is About To Change. Again.

If your child has received a diagnoisis of Autism, Asperger's, or PDD-NOS, your life has taken a dramatic turn down a path you probably never would have chosen. It's perfectly natural to be afraid, to worry, to ask questions, and be at a loss for what to do next. What you need to understand, though, is that your child needs you to be strong. They need you to be able to cut through mountains of conflicting information and develop a strategy for their best possible recovery, all while trying to avoid wasting time and money on "cures" that simply don't work pushed by well-meaning parents, gullible celebrities, and outright snake-oil salesmen with Ph.D.s. Worried parents are easy targets, and everyone you deal with is likely to have been at this game a lot longer than you. You are right to be worried. But you don't have to walk this path alone.

We are now several years into our personal journey, and living in the midst of our own personal miracle as we watch our son climb out of the intense darkness that engulfed him as a toddler. We made mistakes and learned some painful and costly lessons along the way. In talking with hundreds other parents, we discovered that this was a common thread in all of our stories. It does not have to be this way.

This is you and your child's story, and you get to decide how it will be written. Set the stage for your own personal miracle.

It has been done before.



A Practical Parent's Guide to Surviving an Autism Diagnosis

Staging A Miracle  

An easy to read guide, filled with practical, time-and-money-saving advice on everything from schools to housing, to work-related issues to choosing therapy teams.

A portion of the proceeds of every book sold will be dontated to TouchPoint Angels for Autism.

Autism and an M.B.A.?